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PROMISES stops you in your tracks. It is a movie that changes you.

—Mike Nichols, Film Director

Extraordinary! Intensely personal and insightful —a humanist’s dream.

—Julie Salamon, The New York Times

Stunning and powerful! Should not be missed. Their acts of camaraderie transcend politics and ethnicity.

—Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times

One of the best films about the Middle East I have ever seen. If I had my way, the next Middle East peace summit would start with a screening of PROMISES.

— David Grossman, Israeli author: To the End of the Land, The Yellow Wind, See Under: Love, etc.

This small film is a large masterpiece. PROMISES is so good that you want everyone you know to see it… The film captures the essence of the never-ending war… but it is also filled with humor.

— The Jerusalem Report (Israel)

PROMISES is a rarity: an educational resource of the first rank… the riveting insights of the youth depicted in Promises reveal the possibilities of, and the challenges to, peace.

— Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (URJ).

PROMISES is one of the most meaningful, deeply moving documentary films ever made. Anyone who thinks they “know what is going on” between Palestinians and Israelis must see this film.

— Naomi Shihab Nye is a celebrated Palestinian-American poet

PROMISES has served as an indispensable resource in the conflict resolution work we do with adults and middle and high school students. I encourage all those working in the field of conflict resolution to share PROMISES with both students and staff

—Leah Green, Director, The Compassionate Listening Project

Ground breaking… Personalizes political conflict more powerfully than any film I have ever screened for my students.

—Professor K. Samuelson, Stanford University

The sensitivity, humanity and honesty that that pervade this film are truly remarkable… Promises is prayer that our children may succeed where we have so miserably failed.

— Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon Congregation Bnai Jeshurun, New York City

PROMISES is remarkable for its ability to open minds and hearts and inspires us to care again… The children of Promises, their lives, their words are themselves examples of the consequences of history, but these children also offer up the possibility of transcendence.

—Rabbi Laura Geller, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

Our screening of PROMISES brought together Jews and Muslims, Palestinians and Israelis, who found themselves, in some cases for the first time, looking into the faces of the other, acknowledging the pain, and imagining the possibility of mutual acceptance and understanding. Films like Promises don’t solve the world’s problems, but they certainly make the discovery of solutions a deeply felt imperative.

—Jeffrey S. Shoulson, Ph.D. Director of Judaic Studies at the University of Miami.

This well crafted film surprises with an exhaustive background, a nonpartisan position, a personal affecting focus and a wrenching sense of stolen innocence.

—David Rooney, Variety

A beautiful, intelligent and achingly personal film, which offers a fresh look at the Middle East crisis through the eyes of its biggest victims—the children of both sides. Chilling insights into both sides, and a perspective that transcends politics.

—Deirdre English, teacher at the University of California Graduate School of Journalism, author, former editor of Mother Jones Magazine

PROMISES is a work of genius. It is the most compelling presentation of the conflict I have ever seen. At times painfully honest and at times downright hilarious…this film is of utmost relevance today and will be relevant for the next 20 years to come.

—Itzik Yosha, Yediot Ahronot (Israel’s largest daily paper)

Moving and deeply liberating in its examination of contradictions.

—Il Manifesto (Italy)

Bright, creative and authentic with no hint of falsehood or sentimentality. PROMISES finds new ways to bring insight to the Middle East tragedy and even succeeds in offering a spark of hope.

— NRC Handelsblad. (Holland)

An exemplary documentary about the conflict in the Middle East…simple but brilliant…delivers insights which go straight to the aching heart of the matter.

— Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)